In My Hangar

This is where we can be nosy and take a peek into other members hangars (by invitation of course)

Peter Brock Writes about his immaculate hangar: "This is where my wife sends me when she wants some peace and has more than once suggested that I could have a bed out there !! It is a small space thus the storage arrangements that seem to work pretty well. The wing on the bench is the start of a Pup which, if it takes as long as the Bristol Fighter to make, will not be finished until 2011 !!"

Now take a look at the slideshow




Now Lets take a gander in New Member, Leigh's hangar!

Hmm! Nice and tidy! -won't stay like that for long

Club Trainer crashed by a previous Learner ...and repaired by Leigh

Let's take a look in  PHIL's now

Back in 1980 after a bad motorcycle accident, I was off work for two years. To aid my recovery Mum went down the library to find some books on hobbies, one she brought back was on Gliding by Dave Boddington. This got me interested in model flying all those years ago, not much has changed with dad assisting me in making the planes and me crashing them during the week.

Both Mum and Dad supported me in flying and this helped me recover. For which I am eternally grateful.

Now the hangar.

As you can see from the pics, with 28 years of modelling behind me I have accumulated an awful lot of scrap balsa which were once planes, there are over 5o models in the garage with receivers 80 % of them ready to charge and fly.

The pics show the workshop area in dads garage, at my house I hold the larger planes used for shows.

I hope this encourages you to show us your hangar.






Derek Taylor's Mobile Hangar, not a thing out of order and everything in its place. Note the selection of hats each on its peg. The man has obviously got too much time on his hands! By the way, Derek is camera shy so had his assistant (2nd class) stand in for the photo!

Now For Chris's Hangar:

I gave up my office when I retired from my main business and decided to sell it. However when I started model flying I decided I needed somewhere to hangar my planes so kept it.

On the left is the main reception area (Must get rid of those work files!)



Here is a peek inside the workshop, too chaotic to show in its entirety.

Here is the corridor

I use a whiteboard to remind me of the current state of the Hangar:

Ready to Fly: Almost ready to Fly, To be built, To be repaired, Ex-planes, RSA-In South Africa.


These are ready to fly as at May 2008