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Redlands Models, 71 Greenway Rd, Weymouth DT3 5BD 01305 812183 brian-kent@tiscali.co.uk

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Howard writes "One of my engines broke down the other day and I tried to contact John Haytree to get it repaired only to discover that he has now retired. However, I discovered that another chap has taken on the work and he has been very helpful, so perhaps you would put his details in the links section please as follows:

John Walton

MOTORVATION Model Engine Repairs
Lansdowne House
Unit 10
Lansdowne Road

Phone: 0793 915 5901 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 0793 915 5901 end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Email: John@motorvationmodelengines.co.uk

Website: www.motorvationmodelengines.co.uk


If you ever lose a plane up a tree, read the following, submitted by Peter Brock and then contact the man at the end!

Yesterday I lost a plane to the top of a tree two fields over from the pits. I eventually tracked it down but was at a loss as to how to retrieve it (too old now to even attempt climbing trees)

End of story. This afternoon I phoned the local tree surgeon and left a message as he was away in Poole doing a job. At 4pm he called to say that he was on the way to Pymore to help me out.

I drove to Pymore from Lyme Regis and, within 30 minutes, his man had shinned up the tree like a monkey, moved himself out to the plane on some sort of swinging device, tied a rope around the tail and then lowered it gently to the ground.

I was much impressed. Price for doing the job = 20 !!!!!

I said I thought the club would welcome someone like him on the website to help out in emergencies (if Phil agreed)and he seem delighted at the thought. Phil has no objection so if it is possible for you to include his details somewhere, it might prove to be cheaper than cherrypickers for the future.

I was pleasantly surprised by the speed of response and the price. His name is
Carl Stoodley of Forest & Tree Care Ltd: Phone 01308 456218



An excellent supplier with a wide range for all interests:


 a very useful tool for finding your electric power setup submitted by Leigh.

2 very useful links submitted by Mike for people who puzzle over props:



We have manufactured a new and exciting range of radio control accessories that will aid model aircraft enthusiasts to increase the functionality of their RC Models.

Please see link http://www.active-robots.com/products/radio-control/index.shtml


Hi chris, free pdf plans for a profile extra 300, it fly's great built one or two of these before i learnt to fly and crashed them, Leigh

Plantraco is quite well known in the R/C community and has some really amazing little planes. This is a Youtube video of one of them in action on the beach in Mexico here! And you can see their site here:  "Plantraco RC Airplane Kits"

Inwood Models the service from these guys is brilliant and the prices are about the lowest as well even with postal charge. (recommended by Duncan)

Mick Reeves Models Site submitted by Ed Ailsby as "A good read"

Tony Wiltz Links pages (very comprehensive) http://maxpages.com/tonysrclinks

Wimborne Model Aircraft Club A large active club not far from here with a very good website

Another website that may be of interest to members is one maintained by Reg Heath about all things concerning model flying and flying generally at http://www.modelflight.regheath.com. Certainly everyone I've mentioned it to has found it of interest.

NEW: Dave Brown's Blog (Interesting airborne video)

Profili a wing rib and profile design web site (Free)




Bumpy Green

RC World (The online RC store)

Sky Ranger Model Flyers


Just Engines

Sussex Model Centre

Smoke Systems

Large Model Association

American Eagles Model Association

RC Universe

Woodspring Wings MAC