Wacky Videos: Please show us yours!

Superb Camera on Board video, submitted by Martyn  
Try saying "Autonomous Quadrotor" after having a few! Prop hanging a 4 engine B29 - Hardly scale old chap, what?

Long Runway for the Vodka Burner (listen to the air traffic guys!) Extreme 50cc Indoor flying



The Red spArrows Flying School Bus Transformer!



Why we find our hobby so attractive! Leigh sent this (Listen to the commentator taking the p*ss)


Seen at an indoor flying session. See this one through, it's not just toy trucks, trust me! Peter submitted this one for the delight of those of us who think they can fly. Watch and learn then come to the indoor flying!!






When RC planes attack

Another Wacko from Leigh (Fancy a Mini-Merlin for your Spit?)


Near Miss?


How's this for speed? Video submitted by Leigh. (Ed. Gotta get me one of them HOTLINERS baby!)


Another wacko from Bob. This time a superb landing with an RC Edge 540 flown by Bill Hempel

Bob Gray submitted this remarkable video. Some have said it is a fake. Make up your own mind


Revolutionary Flight Stabilisation idea:

You can keep your Gyros, this chicken is going to fly my planes from now on!